The menu is grill casual. We offer appetizers, sandwiches, horseshoes, pizzas, and ice cream!


Provolone Cheese Sticks
Fried breaded cheese sticks made with Provolone Cheese and served with Marinara or Spicy Ranch

Onion Rings
Beer battered Onion Rings
served with Spicy Ranch

Nacho Supreme
Nacho Chips smothered in our Homemade Cheese Sauce topped with Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa, Jalapenos, and Chives
–Add Chicken or Pulled Pork

Fried Portobello Mushrooms
Fried with a crispy breading and served with Spicy Ranch

Chicken Wings
Crispy fried wings served with Buffalo Sauce or BBQ Sauce
8.95 (5 Wings)
12.95 (10 Wings)

Toasted Ravioli
Crisply Ravioli stuffed with cheese and served with Marinara Sauce

Nacho Chips with Homemade Cheese Sauce and Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Crab Rangoon
5 Crab & Cream Cheese stuffed Wontons drizzled with Spicy Ranch and Served with Sweet Chili Sauce

Naan Bread Personal Pizza

Chicken, Bacon, Ranch
Specialty Pizza made with
Spicy Ranch Sauce, Chicken,
Bacon, and Mozzarella Cheese

Spicy BBQ Chicken
Specialty Pizza made with Spicy Ranch Sauce, Green Peppers, Chicken, and Mozzarella Cheese topped with Honey BBQ and Jalapenos

Four Cheese
Vegetarian Pizza topped with Asiago, Mozzarella, Feta, and Parmesan Cheese

Fresh from the Grill

Served on a Brioche Bun with Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, and Pickle

1/2 Pound Burger (House Burger)
8 oz. Certified Angus Burger
–Add Cheddar Cheese .50
–Add Bacon 1.00
–Make it a Double–3.50

1/4 Pound Burger
4 oz. Certified Angus Burger
–Add Cheddar Cheese .50
–Add Bacon 1.00
–Make it a Double–3.00

Grilled Chicken
Butterfly Chicken Breast served with Porky Sauce on the side

Pork Tenderloin
Large Breaded Pork Fritter served with a side of Porky Sauce

Bourbon Bacon Burger
1/4 Pound 7.25, 1/2 Pound 9.95
Certified Angus Burger topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon, and Bourbon Sauce

Pulled Pork
Double Rubbed Pulled Pork
served with Porky Sauce,

Chicken Tacos
Two tropical tacos with Chicken, Mango Salsa, Cheddar Cheese,
and Spicy Ranch
1 Taco 3.95, 2 Tacos 7.75

Hot Honey Chipotle Chicken
Crispy Chicken Breast served over Chipotle Aioli and topped with Mike’s Hot Honey Sauce

Breaded Chicken
Crispy Chicken Breast served with a side of Porky Sauce

Roast Pork Bourbon
Thinly sliced Roast Pork Loin topped with Bourbon and Pepper Jack Cheese

Add a side to your order..

French Fries:
–Regular 3.95
–Large 4.75
–Add Cheese Sauce 1.25
–Smothered Cheese Fries 6.95

Onion Rings:
–Regular 5.95
–Large 8.95

–Side Salad 2.95
–Large Salad 4.50
-Add Chicken to Salad for an additional 6.75


Make your favorite sandwich in to a horseshoe with Texas Toast,
Fries, Cheese Sauce, and Crumbled Bacon!

Burger- 14.95
Grilled Chicken- 14.95
Breaded Chicken- 14.95
Pork Tenderloin-14.95

Burger Pony Shoe- 10.50 Chicken Tender Pony Shoe- 8.75

For the Young Ones

Chicken Tenders- 4.95
Corn Dog- 2.00
Value Fries- 2.00

Ice Cream!

Cup (Small)- 1.75
Cup (Large)- 2.95
–Add syrups or toppings for .50

Milkshake- 3.95
Root Beer Float- 3.25

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